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Build a roof to stop Islamophobia?

June 7, 2011

Dr. Munir El-Kassem was the keynote speaker at an Islamic Association of Saskatchewan fundraiser.  A short piece of video and an audio recording of his speech are available.  What follows is a partial transcription with my comments , of course.  Paraphrasing not in quotes.  Actual quotes in quotes as they should be.  I’ll put my comments in italics. 


He starts by suggesting the word “xenophobia” for spelling bees.  Then he says that the Muslims in attendance should donate to fix the roof to fight Islamophobia or they may not have any place to meet.

He’s blaming Back to the Future and “bazooka wielding Libyans” for Canadians supporting the rebels in Libya and not in other countries.  Butcher of Baghdad board game?  “Arabs as terrorists trying to kill everything western”. WWF “Iron Sheik” in a keffiya.  His premise is that Islamophobia now is the result of Arab terrorists in entertainment during the 1980’s.

“Why is Sarah Palin going through United States of America … might have to stop bus tour because of the rising cost of gas … interviewed by Glenn Beck … Glenn Beck is a friend of Muslims [What?  Oh … I think he means that Glenn Beck exposes Islamophobia.]  … people that we see on television that are employed to achieve the outcome of showing Muslims as as as danger to the entire world … she said “God sent mission … make laws according to Christian Bible”

“niqab banned in France … minarets banned in Switzerland … In my city London, Ontario, we were able to work with the University of Western Ontario to form an Islamic chair to teach Islam at the university level.  When that Zionist lobby discovered what is about to happen they grouped their forces together and now they are fighting this Islamic chair even though four years ago the University of Western Ontario started a Jewish chair, a chair for Jewish studies.  But now, with this chair for Islamic studies, they are fighting it right and left.  This is now what is happening …”

Note:  The chair in question is at Huron College at the University of Western Ontario.  Opposition is not to an Islamic Chair but to the funding sources (see Campus Watch letter) which have ties to a Qaddafi charity, World Islamic Call Society.  The Canadian Government has revoked WICS charity status because of  links to funding of terrorism.  According to the Campus Watch letter, Dr. El-Kassem has ties to WICS as well.

Lots of Arabic … preaching and translating … Allah will “reward you  with your children, with your family, with your health, … now he’s asking for “Inshallah .. five seekers” to make huge donations for “seed money” to repair the roof.  1, 2, 3, 4 … people are pledging $10,000 at a time.  “Allahu akbar.”

“Allah showered us with his blessings so that we can look towards the future and see that the future is bright despite Sarah Palin, despite Peter King, despite Geert Wilders, despite all of those people inshallah our faith is going to make it move forward”  It’s not just a roof …  “If we have a roof over our heads we will be able to stop Islamophobia … that our children don’t deserve.  Those children need to be proud of Islam.”  [It’s for the chiiiiiiildreeeeen!]  Now it’s something about giving a donation being purifying and Allah gives back to those who give. … “The roof will lead us to other dimensions … (something in Arabic) Whenever you are called upon to go and do jihad in the way of Allah, you just become heavy, you do not want to rise and … do that which pleases Allah.  Let us not do that.  Let us not listen to the Shaytan telling us ‘No.  Don’t.  You do not have the money.’ … If you have the intention, Allah will bring that your way.” **  Many $1000 pledges at this point.  “Compete.  If you saw someone who gave, give more.  Compete.  It’s okay.”  He’s moved on to asking for $500 pledges and then the tape ends.


I have to admit that he’s an excellent fundraiser.  He even equates donating to the fundraiser to doing jihad for Allah.  I wonder who paid for him to come here from Ontario?

It’s interesting that Dr. El-Kassem’s presence at this fundraiser was not widely advertised.  The IAS website didn’t even say that there would be a speaker at the fundraising dinner let alone name him.  Perhaps because he’s a bit controversial?  He does have a history of anti-Jewish activities and is associated with groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Does the Muslim Brotherhood have links into every North American Muslim organization?  Have any denounced the MB?

More importantly, can you guess what I didn’t hear?  Any examples of “Islamophobia” in Saskatoon.  Perhaps because Muslims are free to practice their faith here.  Maybe Dr. El-Kassem simply didn’t know of any local examples.  I live in Saskatoon and I have only personally witnessed or heard about phobia-like actions by Muslims.  Granted, I’m not Muslim, but I haven’t heard of any specific examples from the Muslims that I know.  Have you?

Update:  Today Stats Can released 2009 data on hate crimes reported to police.  There were 36 “hate crimes” against Muslims compared to 283 against Jews (70% of the total).  The discrepancy is even greater when you consider that there are at least twice as many Muslims as there are Jews in Canada.  Again, where is this Islamophobia that we’re warned about?

Update 2:  Turns out most of those hate crimes are just graffiti.  Ouch.

** I’m curious.  Is this how churches are built as well?  By guilting poor people into pledging money that they don’t have? 

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  1. June 8, 2011 10:05 am

    Just to answer your last question, yes it is commonplace for churches to have a “Building fund” that’s used for capital repairs or expansion.

    Very similar to the Building funds that have been set up for the Children’s Hospital, Station 20 West, nursing homes….

  2. Michele permalink*
    June 8, 2011 10:38 am

    I know that they have building funds and of course any such group, religious or other, would have to do fundraising for buildings and expansions as well as ongoing maintenance. I’m more curious if people are encouraged to pledge and donate more money than they actually have. In this case, the people at the fundraiser were basically told “Pledge a large amount even if you have no money to give and God will provide.”

    I had a roommate in college who was very involved with the Baptist Student Union and her church. The BSU choir was invited to take a summer tour to perform in churches but they each had to pay part of the costs. Rather than find a job and save the money for the trip, Anita just said that “God will provide.” and then didn’t make any effort at all to earn the funds that she would need. She was right, of course, in a way. Other members of her church felt so bad that she didn’t have enough money for the trip that they paid her way. Guilt again.

  3. morticia permalink
    June 9, 2011 8:44 am

    I spent 4 months there about 7 years ago, and at that time, the call was out to islamics to head to Saskatoon, where the community had plans to build a huge mosque, is it completed yet?

    • Michele permalink*
      June 9, 2011 9:00 am

      Are you talking about the Shia/Sunni Muslims or the Ahmadiyyas? The Ahmadiyyas who moved to Saskatoon en masse about six years ago bought a building but they haven’t expanded or moved to anything larger. They might be the group which owns a large parcel of land south of the city but, to my knowledge, nothing has been built there yet. The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan has expanded their prayer hall and parking lot but they haven’t expanded the building. Another group (associated with the IAS? part of it? separate? It’s not really clear.) Has established another place for prayers on the west side. I don’t know if they consider it a “mosque” or not. It’s an old gas station building that they are leasing.

      That’s the long answer. The short answer is no; there is not a huge mosque in Saskatoon.

  4. Anon permalink
    June 17, 2011 4:43 am

    You are a muslim hater, prove me wrong plz.

  5. r.e. permalink
    June 19, 2011 12:15 am


    I’ll answer that since I know Michelle personally. Michelle hates extremists who act without thinking and follow without questioning why. As for hating a particular group, I would have to say that Michelle absolutely hates unthinking extremists

    • Maczenny permalink
      June 15, 2013 4:49 am

      How do we define extremism?

  6. Eman. permalink
    October 28, 2011 7:31 pm

    Isn’t your husband Muslim?

  7. Amy permalink
    October 28, 2011 7:37 pm

    lolzers she’s going to delete that and then when her kids find out that she doesn’t want people knowing they’re half pakistani they’re going to grow up to have mommy issues and it will be all thanks to michelle’s hatered. well done.

  8. Eman. permalink
    October 28, 2011 7:40 pm

    I thank god my mother is a good Muslim woman who practices the religion of Islam and understands the concept of good parenting and love. My mom wouldn’t go and bash who my father is because he is Muslim I personally know your husband and have seen you at our Mosque ps. If I thought the way you did, I would blame your religion for how stupid you are. Thank god I don’t, so I’m just going to blame your parents and whatever hick town you came from.

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