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The wrong premise.

May 29, 2011

A few teachers have communicated with me about what the STF is asking for and why.  The attitude seems to either be one of assuming that I agree with their position to start with or that I simply don’t understand the underlying logic of the STF position and I that I simply need to be educated.


Both of these assumptions are wrong.


I don’t believe that anyone should receive an automatic increase in pay simply for doing the same job for another year.  If your job responsibilities have not changed, why should you receive more pay?  I do understand the argument that an individual is probably working more efficiently with more experience and therefore is accomplishing more work in the same amount of time and ought to be compensated accordingly.  I believe this is already accounted for within the teachers’ contract with yearly increases up to year 10 (or 15?).


The province (or the government negotiators or Sask Learning?) has offered 5.5% over three years which even the STF acknowledges is a cost of living increase and that should be enough.


If you were willing to do the job last year for X amount of dollars, why are you unwilling to do the same this year?



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