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The changing shape of women’s bodies: My theory.

May 29, 2011

Kathy Shaidle had a posted yesterday that “Today’s woman, shaped like a tube: as I’ve been telling you” and she’s right.  She asked if anyone knew why this is happening and I have a theory.


I blame body shapes on clothing.  Think about it.  As fat cells are deposited and grow, fat will tend to expand along the path of least resistance.  Most girls and women these days wear yoga pants and similar styles.  With these pants, fat can deposit around the mid-section because there is no constriction.  In the past, pants actually had waistbands and were made with stiff materials.  Fat could deposit above and below the waistbands but not necessarily around the actual waist.  The same is true for low-rise jeans.  They don’t just emphasize the muffin tops but could actual contribute to their creation.


The next part is just brainstorming but it’s possible to place part of the blame on fertility treatments, too.  Very thin women in the past might have had trouble conceiving but now, with fertility treatments, they can have children and pass on their “skinny” genes.  In fact, with breast implants, super skinny women with tiny hips are appealing to men who might have otherwise not been attracted to them.  Again, the narrow hip genes are passed on.



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  1. Duane Phillips permalink
    May 29, 2011 10:30 pm

    I don’t think that you can discount women’s taste in men from this calculus. Men with narrow hips and broad shoulders are in demand, and this must have an impact on the average shape of their girl and boy progeny. You might argue that men’s taste in women (hourglass) might negate this influence, but women have become experts in disguising their true shape, through everything from whalebone corsets to flapper dresses, so that the relatively undisguised male form becomes the standard.

  2. SageLite permalink
    May 29, 2011 10:51 pm

    First, a distinction must be made between the way women actually look in our culture and the “ideal look” as expressed by the fashion industry. The fashion industry not only encourages a certain look, it also produces products that try to make all women fit that look.

    Many of the fashion industry’s top designers are homosexual men. Is it any surprise, then, that the industry pushes women to look like adolescent boys? Or to look like a caricature of a woman as a man’s body with a biologically preposterous set of boobs tacked on like a transvestite man wearing a super plus sized bra to get attention?

    The real women I see when I go to a crowded public place generally don’t fit the “adolescent boy look”. Many women I know have made themselves miserable trying to live up to an unrealistic and somewhat unnatural standard.

    A more positive view is that people generally admire excellence and competency. The admiration of an athletic form for a female may simply be an admiration for a person who can run 3 miles while hardly breaking a sweat.

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