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I’m finished.

April 19, 2011

No more donating to charities.  I just no longer trust the recipients to use the money as intended.

Foster Parents Plan (now Plan Canada) was one recent personal experienceswhich contributed to this.  We sponsored a child in Togo for over 7 years and the water actually worsened over time becoming unsafe .  Plan wouldn’t provide answers to my questions or an explanation for the deterioration so we promptly cancelled all of our sponsorships.

Last summer I gave in and sponsored a child via World Vision since the girls asked.  Bad decision.  We almost immediately started receiving mailing after mailing after mailing.  Some were just requests for donations and some were specific requests for recent catastrophes.  The most annoying ones were cards intended to be forwarded on to the foster child.  The cards came with stickers or games or 3D glasses or other small items.  We were meant to sign the card and return with any additional donation.  How much of my donations were spent mailing cards to me to ask for more money?

The final straw was this package that we received last month:

The box is part of their “Water is Everything” campaign.  The package contained a three page letter, a booklet, a DVD, a postage-paid plastic mailing envelope, and a WATER BOTTLE.   Seriously.  They mailed a water bottle to us so that we could mail it back to them!  What a waste?  Have they not heard of e-mail?

I question whether any of these sponsorship programs are worth supporting.  How much of the money really goes to the intended target?  Is it simply welfare on a worldwide scale leading to a culture of entitlement rather than independence?  I don’t know.

Perhaps it’s better to donate to the activities of individuals.  Perhaps not.

Have you read “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson?  The book is about the author’s experiences in Pakistan and the schools that he helped to build there.  Thousands of people and groups have raised money to support his organization including schools (P4P – Pennies for Peace).   Problem?  The book is full of lies.  60 Minutes covered the story and Jon Krakauer has written a book about it.  Both are worth reading.

Lesson learned.

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  1. Connie permalink
    April 20, 2011 9:30 pm

    I donate to individual people. This year I bought a prom dress for a co-workers daughter. BUT, she has to come to my house next month and pull weeds one day. A very nice lady did this for me when I was a teenager and I babysat for her till it was paid off. I am now paying it forward. I do not nor will I donate to charities that advertise and that includes the Red Cross who pays their head honcho a MILLION dollar salary.



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