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The wrong lesson.

April 11, 2011

I had a bit of an epiphany while listening to talk radio on Saturday.  Calvin Helin was a guest on The Roy Green show.  He was discussing Economic Dependency.  Basically, welfare doesn’t work because it just creates a cycle of continuing dependency and a culture of entitlement.  Benefits received without working for them are actually bad for people and for society.


I know that.  I’ve witnessed it personally.  When people receive something for doing nothing (like long-term unemployment benefits and welfare), they have no reason to do anything.  When others see this, they also want to get something for nothing.  This is bad for society.


The epiphany was that the same thing happens in families.  When children receive benefits (allowance, toys, games, privileges) without working for them, they will never learn to work hard to take care of themselves and to become successful adults.


I’ve read the arguments on both sides about whether children should work for an allowance or not and I was never quite sure which argument made more sense.  Now I’m sure.  I’m making a chore chart tonight.  No work, no money.  That’s life.


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  1. Brent permalink
    April 14, 2011 1:56 pm

    yup, just like Indian and northern affairs/a group of people contibuting nothing and getting paid for it…with no end in sight

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