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Liberal laziness and obsession.

January 4, 2011

Sarah Palin is now the default target of liberals everywhere.  From an article about NCAA policies:

“I’m sorry, I meant the fine academic institution of Mississippi State, perhaps the only school in the United States that Sarah Palin did not attend for an hour.”  Buzz Bissinger, Heisman Hypocrisy

to one about an Italian restaurant:

“The thinking is that if you were to string all the little brains together and hook them up to even the smallest of watch batteries they would easily outpunch Sarah Palin thought for thought.”  Jacob Richler, No California-clichéd Italian here

negative Sarah Palin references are everywhere.  In fact, if there is no Palin “scandal” available, the press will make one up.  For example, there was the recent story about Sarah bringing a hair stylist to Haiti with her.  As if.  Her daughter was fixing her hair clip.  The photographer knew the truth but it was obviously ignored or intentionally disguised.

The more we see and hear Sarah Palin, the more people will like her.  That’s what really scares the loony left.  News Real Blog has a great list of the “Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sarah Palin” which boils down to the following:  she’s beautiful, she’s happy, she’s conservative, and she’s not afraid of the left.


The lead up to the 2012 election is going to get interesting.


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