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Why burqas and niqabs should be banned in public.

January 1, 2011

Because they are essentially masks to hide a person’s identity.

Man in Muslim woman’s garb robs Ottawa bank

It’s not a religious issue.  It’s a security issue.

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  1. Amy permalink
    October 19, 2011 11:12 pm

    Like people haven’t done worse things dressed in different clothing. Just because one out of a hundred thousand people who wear nikkab did that does not make it a security risk. How many children get rapped on a daily basis by people close to them? Does that make all parents security risks? Your logical deduction skills are less accurate than the kind they used in the middle ages. I could go around looking for anything that would make women like you a potential security issue. Why don’t you get a real job and stop all this hate.

    p.s. If you want to know what counts as a security risk I suggest you get yourself educated and get a degree in that field. When you can learn to write an essay and site 15 different sources and make an actual argument as to why something can be considered a security risk then maybe I will take you seriously. Other than that, maybe get off your computer screen and get a real hobbie instead of sitting around trying to spread hate.

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