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Muslim man lights candle. Muslim-Jewish divide disappears.

December 28, 2010

Is that all it takes?


Aqeel Wahab went to a Hanukkah celebration at Jan Gitlin’s house and lit one candle on a menorah.  Why do we know this?  Apparently someone called the press first because the StarPhoenix and The Sheaf each covered the event.  I didn’t know that a private party would actually be of interest to the press.  Should I be notifying someone every time that I have Jews and Muslims in my home at the same time?  What if there is a Muslim and a Christian?  Christian and Jew?  Pagan?


Is it really some kind of surprise that Muslims and Jews can be friends?  And how does this little anecdote prove that the Muslim-Jewish “divide” is a “myth”?

Maybe someone could explain that to the Muslim woman who told me that she would refuse to be examined by a Jewish doctor.



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