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Drug promotion or warning?

December 19, 2010

DJ Ryder, a Saskatoon radio DJ, smoked salvia on air. He claims that this was to warn people that salvia is a drug even though it is legal to purchase in Canada and the US.  He apparently did this in response to a video of Miley Cyrus smoking salvia from a bong and the subsequent response that it was legal so no big deal.  Ryder has posted the video of his reaction to the drug.  In the video, he says that the high from salvia is scary and intense.  He wants the drug to be illegal and hopes that the publicity will help towards that goal.


Isn’t that nice?  Do you think that it will work?  Maybe.  Possibly later.  However, I’ll bet that usage will actually increase because people who had never heard of salvia before now know a few facts.  First, salvia is legal.  Second, salvia is available in Saskatoon.  Third, smoking it does have an effect.  Fourth, the high from salvia is intense and short lived.  Bingo.  Legal, quick, powerful high.  Never mind that it could be dangerous and is probably a stupid thing to do.


Here’s the test.  Did sales of salvia in Saskatoon go up or down this week?


Will anyone fess up?


And what about those radio station ratings?


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  1. December 20, 2010 2:02 am

    The high is also about a minute long making it almost pointless.

  2. Super Angry permalink
    January 2, 2011 2:22 pm

    This whole thing makes me want to punch Ryder in the face! When I first watched the video of Miley smoking out of a bong, I thought it was hilarious, considering I smoke weed. Then I realized it was Salvia, which I haven’t done myself, but I know people who have, and its a trip, but it’s something to be careful about. Its one thing for Miley to do it, but for Ryder to do it ON AIR is so ‘effing idiotic. Way to put our city on the map buddy.

    I went into a head shop to buy a pipe last week and the topic of salvia came up. The person working there said that they sold out of salvia the day after Ryder pulled his stupid stunt. And that person ALSO said that they cant order enough to keep up. Ryder and Wired said that this is available to kids, but no in fact, it is not. You need ID. It’s like cigarettes. Sure you can get someone else to buy it for you but they lied, salvia is NOT available to ‘kids’ with 40 bucks.

    So sure, he rose awareness, that it is a ‘bad’ drug, but for anyone who didn’t know about it, now has a go-to high if they want. I don’t understand how salvia is legal, and marijuana isn’t. It is SO much worse. But I’m not turning this into some pro-pot post. I’m just angry and needed to rant.

    Ryder on Wired is tired and should probably be fired. I’m just sayin.

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