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Proselytizing from the grave.

December 13, 2010

The Des Moines Register is currently running a three-part series about a man, Eric Jacobs, who taped a video message after waking from a dream in which he died.  He was a young father with four sons and his wife was pregnant and the dream was so real that he believed it to be a message from God.  He immediately videotaped his “last words”.  He died four months later in a plane crash and his wife found the video two days later.

(Warning:  Grab some tissues before you watch the video.)


The message is primarily for his family including instructions for his parents and siblings.  He exhorts his wife to remarry (but only a Christian man) and wants his sons to be leaders.  He tells them all that he loves them and not to hate God.  All of that sounds like a tremendous gift to his family and especially to his children.


So, why did he have to throw in one last attempt at converting co-workers to his version of Christianity.

Then Eric turns to three colleagues at Two Rivers Marketing in Des Moines. He had been trying to convert them to Christianity.

One is an atheist: “If this is all this life is, it’s worthless. But there’s a lot more to life, and I need you to find it.” Another is a Mormon; Eric tells him he is in a false religion. Another is agnostic: “If you die without knowing Jesus Christ, you will end up in hell.”


Can you imagine having to work with someone who would say that to a co-worker?


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  1. December 13, 2010 10:41 am

    A profitable post. Thank you. I have learned and have often said, “Live, as if from the grave backward”.

    By His Grace.

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