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Are all liberals snobs?

December 10, 2010

Or does it just seem that way?


I watched some of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” last week and I was impressed.  In fact, I was jealous.  I wanted to be there with them.  I’m not really an “outdoorsy” person but I would gladly venture into the Alaska wilderness to spend time with the Palins.

The entire Palin family worked together and with friends and extended family to hunt and fish.  They provided food for their family and for hundreds of other families.  Did you see the halibut?  Huge!  And the nets full of salmon?  This is the same fish that the snooty liberals will pay a fortune for as some fancy haute cuisine.

Why do so many liberals act as if they are so much better than Sarah Palin?  The Palin’s way of life is much more honest than the econuts who spend a lot of money to buy their organic/natural foods that have been flown across the continent.  The Palins have worked hard for their success, harder than I’ve worked at most of my jobs.

Sadly, I missed the caribou episode.  What exactly is wrong with showing hunting?  Sarah made an excellent point:


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