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I’m an atheist and even I knew that!

December 5, 2010

Holy PC crap.


Liam Neeson claims that the character of Aslan, the lion in the Narnia stories, is based on many religious leaders including Mohammed.


Is he really that clueless?


C. S. Lewis was a Christian and his stories are full of Christian allegory.  Go figure.  Aslan is based on Christ.


I took a World Religions class in university (I know!) and our midterm was to read C. S. Lewis’ Out of a Silent Planet and describe all of the Christian allegory in it.  As a non-Christian who had only a passing acquaintance with the bible, I only managed a B.  Did you know that the main character leaving the space capsule was like Jesus being born?  Yeah.  I didn’t either.  Anyhoo … C. S. Lewis books are full of stuff like that.  Pick a story and match it to a biblical story.  Easy peasy.  If only I had known that 20 years ago, I would have aced the mid-term.


Maybe Liam Neeson needs to take a remedial English literature course?  And a crash course in “you can’t change the past to make it more PC.”

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