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People are insane.

November 26, 2010

I just checked The Drudge Report as I do at least once a day (you should, too) and these are some of the featured headlines:

VIDEO: Crazed shoppers stampede at TARGET...
Marine stabbed at BEST BUY...
Shopper arrested after packing gun in belt; knives, 'pepper grenade'...
Mall food court placed on lockdown after fight, reports of gunshots...
Shopper arrested after cutting in line, raging...
Police called after 'thousands' rush TOYS R US...
Woman busted after gun threat at toy store...


What is wrong with people?  Saving money on Christmas shopping is so not worth all of this craziness.  I would be scared to work today if I were an employee of any of the big stores.  Some Canadian stores are also offering “Black Friday” specials even though yesterday was not Thanksgiving here.  They want to compete with the US stores so that people might stay home to shop.  The closest thing here currently would be Boxing Day sales but they aren’t nearly as chaotic.  Of course, we are talking about Canadians.  They are very good at waiting patiently in a queue for their turn.


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