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Parking rules optional.

November 25, 2010

Why do people find it so difficult to follow the rules and laws of parking?


Parents at our school park in the craziest ways.  Basically, many of them park wherever they want to with no regard for any other drivers or for the law.

Everything is fair game:  handicapped drop off zones, bus zones, blocking the neighbors’ driveways, blocking the alley, double parking, parking on the tight curve next to the “no parking” sign and anywhere else that a car can be squeezed.  Now, with our first major snow, people park next to the snow piles left by the plow which leaves one lane down the middle through which cars and busses must maneuver.


Have you ever pointed out to someone that they are parking illegally?  And that they might make the neighbors mad or block a bus or prevent a taxi from picking up a special needs student?  Some are quite polite and move.  I don’t know if they genuinely did not know about the parking rules but at least they move.  Others are belligerent.  Such fantastic role models for the children!  The typical response is “I’ll only be a minute!”  Seriously?  First, you’ll be more than “just a minute!” and, second, you still can’t block the neighbors driveway.  What if they come home?  Can I go park in front of your driveway?


I just park a block away and walk.  It’s safer and less aggravating and I can laugh at the idiot drivers while I walk past them.



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