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Maybe I should wear a hijab for my next plane trip.

November 20, 2010

CAIR is advising Muslim women that the TSA can only pat down their head and neck if the hijabis are selected for secondary screening.  The TSA actually has a webpage about this topic where Muslim women are reminded that they can expect to be searched by a woman.  Readers are also reminded how they can complain if they feel that they are being discriminated against.

There’s also special guidelines for travellers on Hajj.  Why do Muslims need special guidelines?  The generic guidelines should work for everyone.  (I’m being facetious.  I know that many Muslims believe that they should have special accommodations, especially during Hajj.  Normal people can’t even bring a cup of coffee through security but I can guarantee that a hajji tried to bring a gallon of zumzum water onto the plane with him.)


It seems to me that non-Muslims are screened more than Muslims so that there is absolutely no appearance whatsoever that anyone might possibly be profiled.  The TSA is busy patting down toddlers, forcing breast cancer survivors to display their prostheses, and reportedly selecting particularly attractive young women for the full frisking.  (Have you seen the “See me, feel me” video?) But oh no!  We wouldn’t want to actually try to make sure that the individuals most likely to be terrorists aren’t trying to commit terrorist acts.  Of course not.  It’s much better to frisk elderly nuns and small children.  Yeah.  That will make us safer.


The government claims that secondary screening is random and the use of the full-body scanner is random.  I think that they are lying.

I have a question for anyone who has travelled in the last couple of months.

Have you seen an obviously Muslim man or woman selected for the full-body scanner?

Have you seen a Muslim man or woman have the expanded pat down?

I haven’t.  I also haven’t seen any videos of either of those happening.  Even more telling, I haven’t heard of a single CAIR press conference in response to a Muslim women in a hijab or a niqab or a burqa being subjected to either new screening tool.

And you know that we would have by now.




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  1. Fatima permalink
    December 9, 2010 11:39 am

    Could you be more narrow minded? NOBODY should be going through these screenings…and your view that people “most likely” to be terrorists is absurd…how do you believe Muslims should be identified? By their clothes? What about me? proud Muslim American but you’d never know from looking at me…what you want is to attack the clothes that they wear and the way they dress but you could care less about actually knowing what you’re talking about. You sound like a certifiable jack ass.

  2. Amy permalink
    October 19, 2011 11:06 pm

    Just because YOU don’t see muslim people get checked at an airport means. nothing. What do you expect living in the middle of the prairies?? And how often do you travel? if it’s not every week then you have no business saying that just because YOU don’t see it happen means it doesn’t. Do you try to sound like this to create controversy and get more people to read your blog? Or are you actually this stupid and ignorant? I’d really like to believe it’s the first one because if there are people as ignorant and absent minded at your age then I can almost believe the world will end in 2012 (That was sarcasm).

  3. Eman. permalink
    October 28, 2011 7:47 pm

    Isn’t your husband Muslim? And aren’t your kids half Pakistani? Mommy hating her babies? Tsk tsk, where is social services..

  4. Amy permalink
    October 28, 2011 7:50 pm

    seriously if i ever see you yelling at your kids in public again, i’m going to call social services on you. Your hate filled racist blog about non-white people should be enough evidence to have them taken away from you.

  5. Eman. permalink
    October 28, 2011 7:53 pm

    Also: The ladies at the mosque were talking about you the other day. We were actually quiet shocked as to how you were dealing with your children. Please respect our religion in our place of worship, and refrain from smacking your children. Violence might be okay where ever you were raised, but in our mosque, we believe in peace.

    We also thought it was slightly hypocritical for you to be coming to our mosque, and then proceeding to make up lies in your blog. Do you readers know how often you attend our mosque? And that you attend our board meetings? Or that your husband, and as a result your children are Muslim..

    By insulting Islam, you are slandering the identity of your children. You need parenting help.

  6. Eman. permalink
    October 28, 2011 7:55 pm

    Also: You do where a hijab when you come to the mosque.. I can take a picture the next time your there if you want. Will I be seeing you at Eid prayer again this year ?:)

  7. Amy permalink
    October 28, 2011 8:04 pm

    Regarding one of your blogs about why parents don’t want their kids going to your house, it’s not because you aren’t muslim, it’s because you beat your children and they’re afraid for their own child’s safety. Quit lying to people about how you’re the victim when you’re a ranging alcoholic that refuses to go to AA. Yes, finally someone who knows you is here to expose your dirty laundry so quit slandering other people when you’re the one who needs help.

  8. Amy permalink
    October 28, 2011 8:11 pm

    p.s. my above post is just a metaphor about how wrongly you accuse people and how you make up proposterous things. The above paragraph was just to show you what you are doing to other people, (making things up about them and saying you know its true based on the opinion of a few people). I hope you learn your lesson and find out how to write a critical analysis with actual sources. Maybe then will your arguments be found justified. You’re not an alcoholic and (probably) don’t abuse your children, but realize that what you are doing here is wrong and can be charged as a hate crime.


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