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Stop making “facts” up!

November 15, 2010



I watch the news and then I talk back to the news because people are so infuriating.  Last night, Leslie Beck was interviewed on CTV after she spoke at some health seminar.  Beck calls herself “Canada’s leading nutritionist.”  (What does “leading” mean?)


Here’s what she told the reporter:

“35% of cancer deaths could be prevented by eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising” and “85% of colon, breast and prostate cancer are due to dietary factors.”


That is complete and utter crap which the media eats up.


We have NO PROOF that changes in diet or weight or exercise could prevent a single cancer death.

We have NO PROOF what causes 85% of colon, breast, and prostate cancer.


All of these claims about nutrition preventing cancer are based on studies.  In some studies, they ask people with and without cancer what they ate in the past and look for differences.  In other studies, they ask people each year to describe their diet and then they follow those people to see if they get cancer.  So many studies with so many contradictory findings based on people remembering and telling the truth about what they eat and how much they exercise.


What did you eat yesterday?  What did you eat last year?  How much exercise did you get yesterday?  How much last year?  How much do you weigh?  How much did you weigh a year ago?  Can you imagine collecting that data on thousands of people?


The studies are flawed, the conclusions are flawed, and people trying to tell you that they know for a fact how to prevent cancer and cancer deaths are lying.



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