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If I tweeted …

October 26, 2010

I know that some Muslim men date non-Muslim women, but do Muslim women who wear hijabs date non-Muslim men?

The Regretsy “Trick or Treat” door is my favorite Halloween blog feature.

Did I not get an absentee ballot b/c my request expired or I’m a Republican voter in a Democratic county & the governor’s race is tight?

[Note:  I think that I would be quite bad at Twitter.  I like complete sentences and precise words which takes up characters.]

I’d like to assume the first since the registration is only good for two general elections; however, I did receive my primary ballot.

Same concerts, Groupon arrives the same week, proud of bridges.Saskatoon is just a smaller Des Moines minus Target.

Feds OK $230 million for Chicago-to-Iowa City train service.”  Who is John Galt?

Why don’t more parents volunteer at school?  Why do the parents who aren’t volunteering still complain?

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