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Muslims on a Plane

October 25, 2010

Juan Williams was fired by NPR for telling the  truth.  He gets nervous when he sees people dressed in “Muslim garb” on a plane.  That’s it.  He worries a bit.

Don’t a lot of people feel the same way in the same situation?  And should he really lose his job for simply describing his feelings?

Even Tim Wise (“anti-racist essayist, author and educator”) points out the hypocrisy of NPR as does NewsBusters which has outrageous quotes from other NPR commentators who were not fired.

Here’s what I think about when I see obviously Muslim men in an airport:

1.  Uh oh.  I wonder if they are on my flight.  I wonder if they had secondary screening.

2.  Wait … the hijackers and bombers weren’t wearing Muslim clothes*.

3.  Take another look around.  Does anyone look probably Muslim but dressed “normally”?  Are they nervous?  Are they in a group?

3a.  If yes, then start worrying again.

* Yeah, yeah, yeah.  There is no typical Muslim dress.  That’s what some people are claiming (There’s even a new blog!)  However, my friend was at our local mosque and she was confronted for not wearing Muslim clothes and encouraged to buy some.  They were selling shewar kameezes (spelling?) from Pakistan and my Bosnian friend wasn’t interested.  She said, “I’m Muslim and these are my clothes.”  It would appear that at least some Muslims believe that there is a specific Muslim style of clothing.  I’ve also noticed that converts tend to radically change their clothing, usually to an Arab or East Indian Muslim style.  Sit outside a mosque on Friday and tell me that there are no “Muslim clothes”.

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  1. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney permalink
    October 25, 2010 1:38 am

    How much Neocon Mileage can FOX get out of Uncle Juan?

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