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Kinsey Questions

October 19, 2010

Did no one question the source of Alfred Kinsey’s data for his “research” into sexual behavior?  He had tables describing “speed of pre-adolescent orgasm”.  How did people think that he obtained that data?


He was paying men to molest their children.


Based on that fact alone, how can we trust or value or use any of his “research”?


I found this article via Five Feet of Fury and Kathy’s review of the book Sexual Sabotage by Judith A. Reisman, PhD.

As Reisman revealed in previous books (Kinsey: Crime & Consequences), media, entertainment, judicial, political and academic elites fell for Kinsey’s carefully cultivated “conservative” image, then imposed his bizarre junk science “findings” upon the population at large with breathtaking ease.

I think that I need to read this book although it sounds like an uncomfortable read.  How much of what we “know” about sexual behavior came from his reports and how much is actually true?  Kinsey is the man who told us that 10% of people are homosexual.  This was accepted as “fact” by policy makers and activists.  More recent estimates put the number closer to 3%.  He also sought to normalize abnormal sexual behavior.


Another book to add to the stack.

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