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Air Travel

October 13, 2010

Random thoughts after my trip to visit crazybengal:

Which is the best seat on an airplane?  I chose the very first row for my first flight so that I could be first off of the plane.  This seemed sensible but the first row obviously doesn’t have seats in front of it so there is no handy place to store carry-on items.  It’s also a very long obstacle-filled walk to the bathroom.  For my last flight, I chose the seat right next to the bathroom.  I suspect that this row is somewhat undesirable which explains how I had both seats to myself.
When you are seated in the exit row, you have to agree to be ready and able to help other passengers.  Seriously?  Does this happen?  I’m fairly certain that, in a real emergency, I would get myself and my family out of the exit.  Then I would help everyone else by being out-of-the-way.  See how cooperative I am?
I think that the flight attendant on my third flight needs a vacation.  He was likely trying to be funny but it just came off as bitter and snarky.  I was worried that he might snatch my book out of my hand since it was a carry-on and needed to be stowed.


Do all hunters wear camouflage for their entire hunting vacation?  Is there a dress code?


Someone needs to talk to one of the women on the flight to Saskatoon.  Maybe one of her friends will.  She was wearing just a bra.  Really.  It was not an exercise top, not a yoga top, not a tank top.  It was a microfiber long-line bra/camisole/undershirt.  It is meant to go UNDER a shirt.  Why do people dress for travel as if they are doing a bit of yard work in their backyard?


I can’t believe that I almost forgot!  When our flight arrived in Saskatoon, there were ZERO customs & immigration officers waiting to meet us.  We had to wait for them to arrive.  Our luggage got through before us.  WTF?  This was a regularly scheduled flight which arrived on time.  So much for all of those claims that Saskatoon is a booming big city.  Not a great first impression for visitors.



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