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Halal Stupidity

October 5, 2010

Campbell Soups has a brand new designation on some of its labels — halal certified by ICNA (Muslim Brotherhood American-branch).

At first, I assumed that they were purchasing halal meat.  Not so much.  All that they’ve done is to label all of their vegetarian soups as halal.  Ha.  It’s actually rather amusing.  The halal certification is just about how meat is slaughtered.  Therefore, vegetarian foods are all halal.

I wonder how much Campbell’s paid for those little tiny symbols.

If we buy Campbell’s products with halal symbols, are we indirectly donating to ICNA?  I refuse.

Sidenote:  The Campbell’s website links to the ICNA website but not to the halal certification site.  Who decided that?

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  1. crazybengal permalink*
    October 6, 2010 3:05 am

    If only people would link to the ICNA website – maybe then they would wake up. Try a little taste of the reading material recommended for Young Muslims.

    “Or if they mean by ‘patriotism’ the conquest of countries and sovereignty over the earth, Islam has already ordained that, and has sent out conquerors to carry out the most gracious and blessed of conquests. This is what He, the Almighty, says

    ‘Fight them till there is no longer discord, and the religion is Allah’s.’”

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