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Fair-trade Energy

September 20, 2010
“By the liberal yardstick, Canada’s oil is like fair-trade energy of the world.”
Ezra Levant
I haven’t finished reading Ethical Oil yet but I suspect that quote might be a perfect, brief summary of the entire premise.
I heard at least two people at Ezra Levant’s McNally-Robinson appearance argue that we should be pursuing “green alternatives” to oil rather than developing the oilsands.  That is entirely unrealistic.  We are not going to stop using gasoline and oil anytime soon.  It’s just not going to happen.  (It doesn’t need to happen but econut heads might explode if they heard me say that out loud.  Shhhhh.)  We need oil so the question becomes one of choosing the best source of that oil.
I wish that there was a simple way for consumers to choose Canadian fuel sources.  Is there?
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