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Book books.

September 16, 2010

This is a bizarre headline:

Bookworms rejoice: digital makes reading ‘cool’ again.

Seriously?  As a self-acknowledged bookworm, I have never worried about reading being cool or not.  Why would an expensive new device change that?

I was tempted to purchase a Kindle for one reason only.  I want to get the National Post and the print edition is not available in Saskatchewan.  Ultimately I decided that I could simply read the National Post online and perhaps subscribe to the digital edition and read it on my laptop without purchasing a new electronic device.

For reading, I want to hold an actual book.  I would rather spend money on a “book book” than on an e-book.  Books don’t need to be plugged in and charged up.  They never run out of power.  They can’t be corrupted by a virus or lost in a hard drive failure.  I can loan a book to a friend or save it for my children.  I can jot notes on the pages and mark important passages.  I can read a book in the bathtub and, if the book slips into the water, dry it over the vent to continue reading the next day.

I love books.  Electronic gadgets?  Not so much.

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