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Don’t believe them. Big Brother is watching.

September 9, 2010

The Ankeny, Iowa school district has assigned all children numbers that they have to memorize and provide each time they purchase a hot lunch.  Why?  Ostensibly to ensure that the lunches provided meet nutrition requirements.

The administration claims that they aren’t storing the information in a database.  Seriously?  If they were just making sure that each meal met standards, they could do that without giving individual PINs to children.  They could just enter what is selected and have a program to signal when different choices should be made to meet requirements.  “Tommy, you need to go back and pick fruit.”

All of this data is going into a database and will be analyzed.  They may not be planning to produce individual reports for specific students but it will happen because it can happen.  Someone at some point will decide to identify children who aren’t purchasing “appropriate” lunches and letters will be sent.  Does anyone really doubt that this will happen?

If I lived there, I would always send a lunch from home for my children.  Just say no to government tracking.

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