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Isn’t this all just a bit much?

September 7, 2010

Why is a group in Toronto holding a vigil to protest the Ground Zero mosque?  Even the graphic is over the top.  I completely agree that a mosque should not be built on the site of the 9 – 11 terrorist attacks.  However, I don’t see how any group in Canada holding a vigil will accomplish anything.  A vigil in New York city might be useful to draw attention to the issue although attention isn’t exactly lacking.  A vigil in Toronto is useless.  Are they protesting the US government response?  Is that why the vigil is at the embassy?  The building of the mosque is completely legal and the US government should not interfere to stop it from being built.  The issue is that it shouldn’t be built at Ground Zero not that it can’t be built there.

via Five Feet of Fury

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