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Our experience flying out of O’Hare Airport here in Chicago on Friday and Saturday of last week (via HillBuzz)

September 1, 2010

You really should read the story at HillBuzz about their experiences last week with TSA in Chicago:

At the airport, flying American Airlines to Reagan National on Friday morning, one of us spotted a whole gaggle of TSA agents — four or five of them — huddled in a corner to the side of the security check-in, laughing, quacking, telling jokes, having fun, pushing each other, and paying no attention at all to the security needs of the airport.  Surely this was not a designated break area, so we have no clue what they were doing there, acting  like that, if they were on the clock. We’re surprised they weren’t drinking.

Meanwhile, the security line was so long, and took so long to process (45 minutes), that one of us came close to missing our flight.  We believe taking one or more of these confidence-in-the-system-draining TSA “professionals” off laughing-and-pushing duty and re-assigning them to actual security duty would have been a good decision on the TSA’s part.  Maybe the union wouldn’t allow that.

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I wish that I were surprised.  Honestly, on our last trip to the US, I was amazed at the immature and unprofessional TSA employees — not all of them but enough to be disturbing.

via HillBuzz (Which has been added to the “Daily Reads” blogroll.  That was long overdue!)

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