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The Little Channel?

August 16, 2010

On another scrap of paper in my “Because No One Asked” pile, I found the following quote.

“I just think it’s neat that you midgets are able to make chocolates.”

That statement came from a commercial for the TLC show “Little Chocolatiers” and was said by a man who walked into the chocolate shop featured on the show and owned/operated by a “little people” couple.

You could see on the owner’s face that she was SHOCKED that this man would say something so APPALLING.


Isn’t that the premise of the entire show?  And a big chunk of TLC’s entire programming?  Little people family.  Little people candymakers.  Little people doctors.  That could be the TLC tagline:  “We just think it’s neat that little people do big people stuff.”

As for the people featured in these shows, I say good for them for making some extra money and getting widespread exposure for their businesses.  However, don’t act shocked when people treat you like a sideshow act.  That’s exactly what a TLC reality show is.

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