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Four pack of toilet paper? Check.

August 16, 2010

It has finally happened.  I’ve joked about the back-to-school supply list in the past but now it’s no joke.

A school in Alabama has added toilet paper to the list.  Seriously.  They’re also requiring baby wipes, trash bags, Clorox wipes and hand soap.  Amazing.

That list might drive some parents thismuchcloser to homeschooling.

When I went to elementary school, we didn’t have to provide anything.  Now the list seems endless and a bit greedy.  Crayons and colored pencils and markers and pastels?  Is that really necessary?  Our school also requires an entire ream of printer paper in addition to all of the other supplies.

We don’t have to send toilet paper, yet, but we do have to provide two boxes of tissues.  At least all of the supplies (except the tissues) are labeled at home and meant for individual use.  One mom in the article notes that her daughter is asked to bring 50 pencils.  For one kid?  Of course not.  I hate it when the supplies are pooled and everybody “shares”.  I buy quality supplies for my children, not for everyone else.

via The Drudge Report

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