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Multifaith? Really?

August 12, 2010

I do not understand why people of one faith would celebrate the holy days of another faith.  Why would Jews hold an iftar dinner for Muslims?  Why would Christians?

I do not understand “multi-faith” initiatives.  It makes sense to say that people of different religions should be tolerant and respectful of other religions but this nonsense of “we all worship the same god” is just bizarre.  It’s completely illogical.  Either that same “God” has given completely different rules/regulations/explanations/etc. to different people (just for fun?) or the different religions are not worshiping the same God.  Multiple gods?  Only one of the many religions is correct?  (I’ve been told to “act as if” I believe in God “just in case” but which God should I pretend to believe in?  Not going to happen.)  This is just a bunch of guilticultural nonsense and dhimmitude.  Can you imagine a seder at a mosque?  Will.  Not.  Happen.  Ever.

At least the meal at the synagogue is only an iftar and not an actual Eid celebration.

I’ve decided to decline any invitations to any religious ceremonies.  To do otherwise seems hypocritical.

A related but separate issue:  Should the American federal government really be sponsoring ANY religious celebrations?  I say no, none, nada, zilch.  I know.  The White House has Christmas and Easter celebrations but those are also secular American celebrations.  (Think not?  Explain the religious context of Santa and the Easter Bunny.)

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  1. August 13, 2010 6:29 am

    Exactly. Thank you. The truth is we do not, cannot, all worship the same god, because the characteristics of the Judeo-Christian God and of Allah are very different. If these multi-culti idiots finally acknowledge that, then they say, essentially, ‘well – you’re all wrong, then, because there’s only one God; your religion simply has an incomplete picture of him.’ So they’re not practicing my faith and don’t believe in it, but somehow they comprehend it better than I do, which is what enabled them to create their new hybrid faith. Niiice.

    Your view is a great deal more honest, and certainly less patronizing; I respect your stance even though I disagree.

    I do agree the American gov’t has no business sponsoring any religious ceremonies, ever.

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