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I’m being tracked.

July 26, 2010

We all are.

Have you seen a tag like this in clothing from GAP or Old Navy?

Or something like this in a book?

I have and I always assumed that they were simply security tags.  I was wrong.  These are radio frequency identification tags.  GAP and other companies use them for inventory.  Now Wal-Mart is adding the RFID tags to clothing.  I fully understand how this would be beneficial for a company by simplifying and streamlining inventory but I do not want RFID tags on items in my possession.

Can you imagine?  Someone could conceivably drive by our homes and use the RFID tags to take inventory.  Remember “Minority Report”?  Signs could have RFID readers installed and personalize advertising.  Movement could even be tracked via RFID tags on identification cards.  Passports have RFID tags as do some driver’s licenses.  Read the article at CNET for more information.

I almost forgot.  You know those fancy new “chip” credit cards all of us are receiving?  Those are RFID chips.  I’m buying a new wallet.

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