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Ron Paul is not in Canada.

July 21, 2010

According to Charlie Angus, NDP MP from Ontario, Stephen Harper has made the long-form census optional just to “appease” a small group of the “Ron Paul Tea Party base”.  (He was interviewed on CTV News.)

Note to Mr. Angus:  You live in Canada.  You are a member of the Government of Canada.  Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada.  Ron Paul is in the United States.  The Tea Party movement is in the United States.


This reminds me of the Canadians who talk about their “First Amendment right” to free speech or claim that they are going to “take the Fifth.”  Heh.  Canada doesn’t have a First or a Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.

One would think that an MP wouldn’t make such a mistake.  One would be wrong.

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