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And that’s why I’m not a Canadian.

July 12, 2010

Michael Coren writes in the Toronto Sun about traitors.  First in the context of spies and then those 10% of Muslims who supported the Toronto 18

But we should not stop with religion as such. Are there Canadians who regard, for example, China, Pakistan, Iran or some other country as the place where their heart beats the strongest? Merely a question and surely one that does not make me extreme or unreasonable. Do we demand patriotism from our population or have we dismantled the very underpinnings that made Canadian patriotism possible?

I already know the answer to why so many people become Canadians when they have no intent to honor their oath of citizenship.  A Canadian passport is a good thing to have.  Add in the social safety nets and healthcare benefits and the answer is clear.

Obviously, people do not take the oath seriously.  Canada should demand patriotism and loyalty from its citizens.  I will never take the oath to become a Canadian citizen.  To do so would be a lie because I am an American.  Obviously, thousands of people are much more comfortable with lying under oath than I am.

h/t Five Feet of Fury

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