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Double Double Medal Medal?

June 20, 2010


The Canadian Forces are going to give General Services medals to Tim Hortons employees in Afghanistan.

It’s the ultimate participation award.

They are also decreasing the amount of time one has to actually be in a combat zone in order to qualify for a medal to just 30 days.  Seriously.  I completely agree with this quote from the National Post article:

Gordon Ritchie, president of Montreal’s Black Watch Association veteran’s group, vehemently disagrees with the change in eligibility, which he thinks waters down the importance of the honour: “You’re going to get a lot of rear-echelon people who just go over to hunt for medals, do their 30 days in some place safe and say, ‘Look I did my time in Afghanistan, I’m a hero, worship me.'”

I know of someone who is probably already in line for a quickie “tour” of Afghanistan to get his participation badge.
This is just ridiculous.  It belittles the sacrifices of the men and women who actually risk their lives on the front lines.
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