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What do you think of when you see the Star of David?

June 10, 2010

We went to the Saskatchewan Children’s Festival yesterday.  Shockingly, it did not rain which is unusual for this month and for the Children’s Festival in general because it almost always rains.  You might expect them to change the dates but no such luck.  In case you haven’t been to the festival, there are shows (musical, drama, dance, puppets) targeted to a young audience and then there is the festival site.  The site activities are educational and/or fun; most are innocuous if not a bit boring for the adults but then that’s the point.  My job as a parent was to keep track of five children so I didn’t pay too much attention to the actual activities.  (There are A LOT of kids on site and they are all approximately the same size.  If I ever go again, I’m going to make them all wear headbands with antennae.)

However … once I again I discovered that I ought to pay closer attention to what others are trying to teach my children.

There was an art activity called the “Peace Tree Garden Project”.  The children could make various types of ornaments, one to take home and one to hang on wooden trees wishing for peace.  The organizer had handy, dandy signs with “Symbols of peace.”

Most of these symbols were religious symbols from all of the major religions plus some extras like an inukshuk, a dreidel, and an easter egg.  At least they did get the peace symbol correct instead of the ever popular Mercedes-Benz logo.  (Uh oh.  Not so fast.  That peace symbol on the first sign is upside-down.  Oops.)

What’s with all of the religious symbols?  Do we need all of them?  Wouldn’t children know the ones that are appropriate for their beliefs?  I’m curious but it’s not really worth a complaint.

But what do you think about this?

WTF?  Since when is the Star of David a symbol of Islam?  It’s the Star of DAVID!  It’s on the flag of Israel.  Sure, there are six-pointed stars in some old mosques but this is the STAR OF DAVID!

The crescent and the five-pointed star is a symbol of  “light and knowledge” in Islam and then the Star of David is just a “symbol of Jewish faith” and they share it with Muslims?  When?  Where?  Have you ever seen a Muslim wearing a Star of David?  Those silly Coexist shirts don’t count.  I’m talking about a six-pointed star as a symbol of Islam?  Of course not because it’s NOT.  The Star of David is on the Coexist shirts to represent JUDAISM.

Do you think it’s worth writing a letter to the artist who organized all of this?  Would it do any good at all?

Or I could sneak back into the tent and amend the sign with a bit of paper and glue.

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  1. June 10, 2010 11:53 pm

    I sneak back in and remove the peace sign and the crescent and the five-pointed star since both hippies and Muslims have a tendency to get violent with anyone who isn’t one of them. you should remove the Kawanza cup too since it’s not a real religion or a holiday.

    I’d also put Megadeth stickers on the board too, because peace sells…

  2. June 15, 2010 10:27 pm

    Muslims do acknowledge that they worship the same god as the Jews and the Christians, they all just differ as to who was the last prophet of said god.

    That said, it might be appropriate to mention that the Muslims use the Star of David as a symbol, but it would likely be confusing to children who would recognize it as a Jewish symbol, or having been used in Christian ceremonies without also attributing it to Christians.

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