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I am ashamed.

June 8, 2010

I am ashamed that anyone who enjoys freedom in America could ever refuse to give up a seat on an overbooked flight for the family of a soldier who died defending that very freedom.  For protecting us.  For fighting for our safety.  For serving America.

The story of Lance Cpl. Wilson’s family and their travels home after meeting his body on its arrival from Afghanistan made me sob.  I am disgusted that so many people refused to delay their travel plans even briefly to permit his family to accompany him home.

I would give up my seats in a heartbeat even if it meant another night in a hotel with my children.  What is that “sacrifice” compared to risking one’s life in a war to keep our country safe from terrorists?

Shame on each and every person who refused to give up a seat.

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  1. June 11, 2010 12:03 am

    Had I been the airline I would have told other people that they could fly and that the seats were overbooked and let the family go on. Granted they had no way of knowing at first so it just happened that they did it this way but I would have found a way to kick other people off.

    It’s really sad when you can’t find 6 people who would give up their seats for a grieving family much less one bringing their son home from a war. I know they eventually got six people to volunteer but you would think it would have taken 5 minutes to get all six and have to tell the rest of the line that they were not needed not as long as it did.

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