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Take your guilt and go away.

June 1, 2010

Shannon Tessier doesn’t like anti-abortion ads on Regina buses.

“It’s right there on city property,” Shannon Tessier told CBC News Tuesday. “It’s disturbing, it’s disgusting and it shouldn’t be anywhere where someone under the age of, say, 15 or 16 can see it.”

She said the combination of the image and the word abortion in accompanying test makes the ad unacceptable to her.

“Obviously if you’ve had an abortion and you see a picture of that anywhere on the back of a bus or something like that, it’s not something that you want to be reminded of that you’ve done.”

Oh, please.  The article doesn’t have a photo but CBC News showed the bus ads last night.  There is a photo of an embryo with the word “growing”, a photo of a late term fetus also with the word “growing”, and a black square with the word “gone.”  That’s it.  The photos are not of aborted fetuses and they aren’t disgusting.  The ad is misleading because abortions typically occur closer to the first photo, in the first trimester.

I am pro-choice and even I don’t have a problem with these ads.  Ms. Tessier can’t seriously expect the city to only accept ads that are entirely inoffensive to everyone.  Should they forbid ads to recruit foster parents so that parents who have lost custody of their children don’t feel bad?

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