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Where are they?

May 12, 2010

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS ) director Richard Fadden testified today before parliament’s public safety committee about the homegrown terrorist threat.  CSIS is watching over 200 Canadians for possible terrorist threat.

Here’s the scariest part:  many are second and third generation Canadians.

Where are they?  Are any in Saskatchewan?  Are they in Saskatoon?  Which mosques do they attend?  Which imams do they follow?

There are so many successful Muslim Canadians.  Why are some becoming terrorists?  What is different about them?  Why do they sympathize with terrorist groups?    What drives a Canadian (or an American) to jihad?

I do worry when I see children who are much more fundamentalist than their parents.   I know that this happens within other faiths as well.  The children rebel by becoming more religious than their parents.  However, only in Islam does extreme fundamentalist religious beliefs lead to violence against infidels.

Can we at least know whether CSIS is watching anyone in Saskatchewan?

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