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Is there a future Faisal Shahzad in Saskatoon?

May 11, 2010

That is what worries me.  Are there Islamists in Saskatoon?  Are there young men willing to kill in the name of Islam?  Are there Canadian-Muslims willing to kill other Canadians?  Do terrorists recruit here?

We know that they are in America and Great Britain.  We know that they are in Ontario.  Are they here?

Pundits and politicians claim that each terrorist attack is a “lone wolf” but they are all connected if only via the internet.   Can we keep the jihadists off of Facebook and YouTube?  It’s an ongoing battle.  YouTube is more likely to block someone who criticizes Islam than to block someone recruiting for al Qaeda.

Can we identify them?  The general public needs to be alert and aware.  That is probably our best defense.  However, even if you did observe strong evidence that someone might be a jihadi, it will probably be quite difficult to get the authorities to do anything.  Wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

I have to agree with Mark Steyn.  It is time to seriously look at making citizenship more difficult to obtain for immigrants from countries known to incubate terrorists.

One day the bomb will explode. Dozens dead? Hundreds? Thousands? Would we then restrict immigration from certain parts of the world? Or at least subject them to extra roadblocks on the fast-track to citizenship?

Known terrorist connections?  You can’t become a citizen.  On a no fly list?  You can’t become a citizen.

It’s a good first step.

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