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Modern Muslims

May 10, 2010

I keep thinking about the idea of “moderate Muslims.”  What does that mean?  Does it just mean “non-Islamist”?  Does it mean not fundamentalist?  Not extremist?  The term seems to be used by the media to describe Muslims who are not terrorists but is that really enough?  If someone is a moderate Muslim, do they still believe in a strict interpretation of the Quran.  One man who I interacted with online would probably describe himself as “moderate” but I would call him fundamentalist based on his enthusiastic defense of Sharia law.  Numerous polls have also shown that many “moderate” Muslims are sympathetic to jihadis.  The overwhelming silence in response to terrorist attacks is emblematic of this.

America does not need more moderate Muslims.  We need modern Muslims.

M. Zuhdi Jasser is the President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and he has written an impassioned call to action for his fellow Muslims.  He is not a moderate Muslim.  He is a modern Muslim.  He is an American who recognizes Faisal Shahzad as a traitor.   In his own words,

Attacks against our citizens are a symptom of a much deeper disease- one that will do anything to prevent true reform that can bring Islam and Muslims into modernity, into an understanding of the central need to separate mosque and state.

You must read his entire essay.  Just click the link above.  It is well worth your time.  (I found his essay via Five Feet of Fury.)

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