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No boxed gifts, please.

May 6, 2010

I hate wedding invitations that tell me what I should or should not give as a gift.  Which is worse — “No boxed gifts, please” or including cards identifying the gift registries?

I try to put some thought into the gifts that I purchase for people and this includes wedding gifts.  I don’t want to just pick something off of a shopping list.  I understand the purpose of gift registries but I don’t like them.  In fact, I resisted participating before our wedding.  I only relented after enough people berated me for not having one.  However, I did not print the names of the stores in the invitation and I did not include business cards from the stores.  I did what brides have done for years — told my mom and let her pass the word on to anyone who asked.

When did this “no boxed gifts” thing start?  I first saw it about eight years ago.  I assume that they are basically saying “cash only”.  I’ve seen a much more blunt version — “We’re planting a money tree.”

And don’t even try to tell me that we have to give at least a minimum amount because of how much it costs to have a reception.  If you can’t afford the party you’re planning, better make simpler plans.  Maybe they could just charge an admission fee for the reception?  (Oh yeah … you laugh but I read about it in Dear Abby.)

Maybe I could bring something in a lovely gift bag?  You know … follow the letter of the request but not the spirit.

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