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Dumbing down of education reaches a new low.

April 15, 2010

Dr. Homberger, a professor at Louisiana State University was removed from her class because her expectations were high and the students were receiving low marks.  You should really read the entire article.  It’s shocking.  The administration raised all of the student grades!

I remember an immunology class that I took in grad school.  I never took a microbiology class so I started the class at a disadvantage but I was still shocked when my first test score was 54%.  I had NEVER received such a low mark on anything (except a bug collection in 7th grade).  I spoke to the professor to ask for advice and then I worked my ass off to understand the material.  I didn’t miss any classes and did all assignments.  The final grade that I received as a B and I was prouder of that result than of many higher marks in easier classes.

Students live up to the expectations place on them.  Low expectations, minimal results.  High expectations, huge success.

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