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We hope that you enjoyed your “free” healthcare. Would you care to leave a tip?

April 7, 2010

The non-news news item of the day is that your contact information can be released to hospital fundraising boards after you have been a patient at a Saskatchewan hospital.

Isn’t this already happening?  Or is the receipt of fundraising letters from each of the local hospitals just a coincidence?

I received a letter requesting a donation to the Saskatoon City Hospital Eye Center WITH my appointment letter.  “Here’s your appointment.  Please make a donation to acknowledge your appreciation.” Wouldn’t that be like leaving a tip in a restaurant after you’ve ordered but before the meal is complete?

I do contribute to the local hospitals.  I pay taxes.  Lots of taxes.  You’re welcome.

(On a more general note, I am sick and tired of fundraising.  I am willing to pay for services that I need and want.  I should not have to contribute or raise additional money.)

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