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Lucky Win

March 27, 2010

I refuse to play board games which are purely based on chance.   This includes most kids’ games — Candyland, Monopoly for Kids, Snakes and Ladders, etc.  For any but the youngest children, these games are complete waste of time, they are no fun, and they don’t teach children that effort and skill are rewarded.

Even worse than these games are the “non-competitive” games which are becoming so prevalent in the schools.  The games and activities are altered so that nobody wins and nobody loses or so everyone gets a chance to “win”.  Endlessly boring and so fake.

I was reminded of this by the game that my daughter received for her birthday.

The game looked interesting.  You answer questions from the DVD.  The board resembles Trivial Pursuit except that instead of receiving the pieces to complete your “pie”, you receive puzzle pieces for key answers.  That sounded okay until we discovered how the winner is determined.

The person who completes the puzzle, the one who gets the LAST piece of the puzzle, is the winner.  As my daughter says, “That’s not fair!”  One person could answer every single question correctly and get all but the last piece of the puzzle but lose to another player who only answered ONE question correctly but was lucky enough to have it be the final question.

So stupid.

We’re going to change the rules.  The winner is the person who gets the most puzzle pieces.  Game on!

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  1. Scott Down permalink
    April 13, 2010 11:55 am

    I’ve never heard of that game, but your house rule seems fair and straightforward. If I ever play (with my nephews? I assume if it’s kid-oriented), we’re playing your way for sure.

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