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What did you want your statistics to say?

March 16, 2010

“While 90 per cent of women want to breastfeed their babies, by the time babies are six months old, only 22 per cent of Saskatchewan women breastfeed exclusively.”

That quote was given in the StarPhoenix article “City health clinic seeks baby friendly designation” as proof that we need to be concerned about the prevalence of breastfeeding in Saskatoon.  I think that we are supposed to say “Oh no!! Most women who want to breastfeed are not able to!  What can we do?!”

Yawn.  How about a different interpretation of that statistic?

Most parents start giving babies solid foods at six months and some start even earlier so I am actually surprised that 22% of women are still breastfeeding exclusively when their babies are six months old.

Maybe we should be doing more to educate those women about the need to start introducing solid foods?

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