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Religion in schools?

March 14, 2010

I believe that there should be no religion in schools outside of teaching about religions.  No organized prayer.  No sermons.  No “god bless us.”  No promotion of religion.  And I’m a bit hypersensitive about it.  I just don’t believe that it belongs in school.  That being said, even I am shocked by the latest bit of nonsense that I heard this week.

Schools are being discouraged from including yoga in physical education classes because yoga has a “religious” component.  Seriously?  Really?  Are you sure?

I know that yoga started in eastern religions although I can’t remember whether it is hinduism or buddhism or something else.  So?  It’s now become so mainstream that people of all faiths practice it as EXERCISE.  It’s stretching and breathing.  That’s all.  Do you think that children will get more excited about a “stretching class” or a “yoga class.”  Exactly … yoga.

My first response was actually a question.  Why are powwows and round dances held in our schools but we can’t have yoga?  First Nations spirituality is religion.  That can’t be denied.

Do you know who is NOT complaining about yoga in our school?  Parents.  And more specifically, religious parents including Muslim parents.  No parents have complained.  In fact, parents are sending their children to school with yoga mats to do yoga with a yoga instructor.

Basically, yoga will be dropped to satisfy the guilticulturalism tendencies of someone in administration.  No more sun salutes just in case someone might possibly be offended.

What next?

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  1. March 14, 2010 8:36 am

    I completely agree that religion should not be taught in public school. In fact, I take it further – I don’t even want them teaching _about_ religion except as it pertains to historical context. i.e. The Pilgrims left England to create a new colony where they could practice their religion freely; 19 Muslims crashed planes into the WTC because their interpretation of the Quran demanded they make war against infidels, etc.

    I know nothing about yoga, but do I know Christians who oppose it – I’m not really clear why, something about the form of meditation I think. But (if that’s the reason why they oppose it) that’s not really a concrete religious objection – I’d say just opt out. No reason to ruin it for everyone.


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