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Do friends let friends see naturopaths?

March 4, 2010

What do you do when a friend says that she’s seeing a naturopath?  Ugh.  I was a wimp and just smiled and nodded as my friend told me about seeing her naturopath.  Seriously.  This is just a bunch of “woo” … unscientific, superstitious nonsense.  How are these people allowed to call themselves “doctor”?  Anyway … Did you know that insurance covers naturopaths?  That must have been a major accomplishment for them!  I assume that the cost of my insurance went up to cover naturopaths and homeopaths and who knows what else.

Should I have said something?  Honestly, it just didn’t seem worth it.  Naturopaths are like the human equivalent of a placebo.  My friend thinks that it works so seeing one does have some benefit for her.  M&M’s would be cheaper and yummier.

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