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Stop bullies or get away from them.

March 1, 2010

Last Saturday I read this article (Marian Scott, CanWest News) about David Fortin.  He was bullied from grade 1 until he disappeared one year ago when he was 14.  I keep returning to his story.  He was teased and targeted and tormented.  Bullies stole his bicycles and beat him up.

What did the teachers do?  “In elementary school, David’s teachers would dismiss him five minutes early so he could run home before the other kids got out of class.”  That’s it.  Why was he bullied?  He had ADHD, was on Ritalin, was not masculine, and didn’t fight back.  He was an easy target and almost no one defended him.

It doesn’t seem right to blame his parents.  They have enough pain without further attacks but I can’t help but criticize them.  At the very least, I hope that other parents will learn from their mistakes.

Parents cannot just sit by while their child is bullied.  Even after a psychiatrist told them that “David is in danger at school”, all they did was speak to the assistant principal but they still sent their son back to the school.

I can’t even wrap my head around that.

If my child is being bullied, I’m going to talk to the teacher.  I’m going to demand that something is done to stop the bullying.  I will talk to the parents of the child.  I will talk to the principal. If the school staff can’t or won’t stop the bullying, I would switch schools.  If needed, I would move.

Of course, we shouldn’t fight all of our children’s battles for them.  I teach my children how to stand up for themselves and their friends.  However, sometimes the parents have to step in.  We have to protect our children.

I hope that David is safe.

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  1. March 4, 2010 2:59 am

    My father always told me to never start a fight and always try to walk away from one. He also always told me that if someone is going to hit you hit them first because there is no reason for you to get hurt or for someone to lay a hand on you.

    So the teacher just let the kid off early to run home instead of trying to do something about the problem? That’s BS. They could have stopped it but instead they just told the kid to run and didn’t even try to stop the other kids from chasing after him. That’s terrible.


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