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Live Blogging The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love, March 01, 2010

March 1, 2010

Well, so far I have remained relatively unspoiled.  I have refused to get sucked into the tabloids or internet chitchat.  So far, I have come to the conclusion that the reason that Ali was on the show 2 weeks ago was to stay in the spotlight – she wants to be the next Bachelorette.

Tonight is the visit with Jake’s family.  How nice.  Jake proclaims that he is in love with both of them.  And they are so different.

Sitting with the family – who is that chick with the 1930’s hairdo and the blue dress – hilarious! Sister?

Tenley meets the Family

Her nose looks very long and pointed today and her voice is extra squeaky.  Weird.  Jake’s Mom looks skeptical and his Dad…cries?

Tenley’s teeth are just TOO white.  Distracting.

More crying…the husband who left…again?  But the Mom loves her now.  The baby voice is SO annoying.  The Dad luvs her.  A new sitcom – Everybody Loves Tenley.

And after some kissing, he drags her into the pool with their clothing and all.

Vienna meets the family

Unfortunately, the family knows her as the one that all the girls hated.

Ahahaha!  Already the sister-in-laws are worried.  They do not like her.  And the Mom is NOT impressed.  And tells Jake exactly that.  Vienna jokingly told one sister-in-law that her outfit made her look fat.  Not good move – and implied that Tenley (whom they LUV, remember) was a robot.  Oh dear.  Jake is trying to convince his brothers to like her…accept her.  The sister-in-laws seem skeptical – but they like the fact that Vienna really loves Jake.  And they think she’s okay – more crying.  Vienna and the Mom – Vienna is seriously way more sincere than Tenley.  Tenley is just too fakey, fakey sweet.  The Dad hasn’t said a word.

God I’m bored.


Vienna Date

The Sulphur Springs…ewwww.  Stinky.  Smearing stinky mud all over each other and well.  At least there are some nice upper body shots of Jake…Jake and his forearms.  Mmmm.

Later that night – Vienna prepares to give J her promise ring…the ring that her Dad gave her and made her promise not to elope again…wha?  She was married for three weeks?  Gah!  Of course she was!  Hahahaha!  They both used the word “journey”.  I thought they wern’t supposed to use that word in reality TV anymore?

Jake – It’s tough being in love with two women at the same time…

Tenley Date

IIIIIIII can’t stand her voice!!

“Oh my doodess…I’m so exited.”   Barf.  Where are the killer whales when you need them…too soon?  Sorry.

Tenley “feels so alive.”  ‘Cause there are no killer whales.

Pensive, tired Jake.  Hmmm.  Jake is extremely confused because he’s not turned on by Tenley.  After all the sex with Vienna.  You can’t talk someone into physical passion Tenley.  Sorry.  Jake – “She’s just so kind and sweet…”


Later that night, Tenley is worried.  About the chemistry mismatch.  Jake tries to backtrack and explain.  Jake still claims that he loves her.  Inspite of all the lack of physical passion.  They talk and they connected and I think I might have dozed off a bit there.  Ack – oh.  I thought she was going to pull a sex toy out of the night stand…but it’s just a photo frame thingy.  And Tenley makes her move – look where her hand goes…ewwww.  She’s gonna take it to a ho nuva leva!

Jake wakes up in his own bed…Jake in his jammies with his morning package.

Everyone rehashes stuff – lots of sexy shots. Except for the shots of Tenley.  (Me…being mean)

The Ring

Jake hasn’t decided on a girl.  Of course he hasn’t.  Duh.  Like he’s going to tell you who he picked, ring dude.

I like the princess cut.

Jake is all “Tenley is perfect for me” and Vienna is “sexy”.  Guess what he’s going to pick?  I mean who.

Jake – does not know how he is going to say good bye to someone he has fallen in love with…”today is the most important day of my life…”

Good god.  Say something original – anything at all.

He’s made his decision.  Really ugly tie.

First girl up…Tenley – it can go either way.  She’s in love and happy and trusts Jake.  God this is awkward.  She looks like she is going to cry.  Jake is crying…uh oh.  “Something doesn’t feel right.”  Can we move on please?  Jake’s mom and the sister-in-laws are probably going to be disappointed.  Really long painful good bye.

Wow – lots of commercials.

Jason and Molly’s wedding next week?  Awesome.

What is with the Goddess dresses?  At least Vienna is scared.  Get ON with it!  Why is he torturing her??  Finally – Neil Lane!  Ring seems a little big.  Cue really bad cheesy song!!  Helicopter shots!

Big question…do I watch the recap…or watch an episode of Gossip Girl…

‘Til next time…

I’ll miss your smile and your positivity…

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  1. mimi860 permalink
    March 1, 2010 8:36 pm

    Let’s see which brain he thinks with…

  2. Michele permalink*
    March 1, 2010 9:28 pm

    I thought that I saw a magazine cover today that gave away his choice.

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