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Confessions of a Dieter

March 1, 2010

Why do people feel the need to justify or explain what they are eating?

Today I saw an acquaintance at Starbucks.  Rather than just say hello, she explained to me that she has a busy day ahead so she was splurging but that she had a nonfat latte and a low-fat muffin.  I didn’t say anything to elicit this confession or the further explanation that she’s on Weight Watchers.  I don’t care what she eats and she really shouldn’t care what I might think about what she eats.  I assumed that she was hungry therefore she bought food and tired therefore she bought coffee.  So simple and boring.

Why do we do this?  I am guilty as well but I am making a conscious effort to not make my eating habits fodder for small talk.  I’m not going to defend or discuss my food choices.  If I’m eating, you can assume that I’m hungry.

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  1. March 2, 2010 1:27 pm

    Brilliantly true – If you tell me your reasons for eating that carrot cake muffin or the extra large iced coffee (it’s okay because it’ skim milk), then I feel awkward standing there with my own cup of coffee or chocolate bar. The biggest deterrent to snacking at work is what other people thinkof me – not sticky fingers and a keyboard… which is, of course, how I ended up snacking at all other times/hours… I finally lost the weight (75 pounds) but the awkwardness of the situation you described is inherent in everyone’s life…

  2. Hannah permalink
    March 8, 2010 10:03 pm

    very good observation! I think some people just do it for attention (like I’m healthy look at me!) but i’m sure there are other psychological answers.

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