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Fire them now.

February 25, 2010

Have you seen the Winnipeg teachers who performed a raunchy dance at a high school pep rally?

They should both be fired.  Any person who thinks that this kind of behavior is acceptable at a school clearly does not have the appropriate judgment to be a teacher.  Would they accept students performing like this?  I doubt it.

Actually, that brings up another question.  What happened during the rest of the pep rally?  What were students doing?  Perhaps someone from the school district administration should take a closer look at the school environment and what is considered acceptable behavior for students and staff.

Listen closely to the audio on the link above.  A students says “Oh my god.  That is wrong.”  Even the kids understand.  Why didn’t the teacher?

On a side note, how did the students know to name this video “Two teachers, one chair”?  Have they seen “Two girls, one cup”?  (Don’t worry.  Just a Wikipedia link.)  I really hope not.  I haven’t and I don’t intend to ever see it.  No one should.  Ever.

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